A protest was held in the city of Nablus, on Thursday morning, against the recent release of documents by al-Jazeera, the PNN reported. Major General Jibreen al-Bakri, Governor of Nablus, called for a ā€˜popular protestā€™ to be held in the middle of the city, on Thursday at 11 a.m, against the documents recently released by the news network.

Bakri told Palestinian news wire Wafa on Wednesday: ā€œAl-Jazeera TV is destabilizing the situation and energizing negative elements in the region. What they have done deserves a popular response, because al-Jazeera deviated from the script and started targeting the Palestinian people.ā€

Al-Bakri is known to be a staunch Fatah ally to President Abbas, reportedly implicated as the man who authorized concessions of Palestinian territory in East Jerusalem, according to the ā€˜Palestine Papersā€™.

Mahmoud Ashteeh, Secretary-general of Fatah in the Nablus governorate, said the Qatar-based TV station had ā€œdistorted the global image of the Palestinian people and their resistance.ā€ Ashteeh invited all concerned media to attend the protest.

In other news, the PalMedia office in Nablus was vandalized on Wednesday evening just after al-Jazeera crews taped an interview with Professor Abdel Sattar Qasem, from the city’s an-Najah National University, Ma’an News said. Qasem had been reportedly commenting on the documents released by al-Jazeera and The Guardian.

PalMedia workers claimed that five men broke into the office, destroying equipment and turning over furniture, and one had been carrying a gun.

Local police officers opened an investigation however they did not make any comment on the suspects who might lie behind the attack.

Earlier on Monday, a dozen young rioters vandalized al-Jazeera’s office in Ramallah, breaking the security gate of the building and spraying graffiti, in protest against the documents revealed in the series ā€˜The Palestine Papersā€™ on Sunday, which detailed peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators over the last decade

The documentaries produced by al-Jazeera came under harsh criticism by Palestinian officials, who argued the Qatar-based station is pursuing an agenda to undermine the Palestinian Authority and the PLO.