Israeli ‘undercover’ forces arrested six Palestinian children, on Monday, during violent confrontations in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, local sources informed.Six children were rounded up in al-Ein al-Fawqa, in Silwan, after Israeli forces entered the neighbourhood wearing civilian clothes, eyewitnesses said.

Three of the children from the neighbourhood are known as Fahmi al-Haymouni, aged 16, Musalem Odeh, 11, and Khalil ar-Rishq, 7. The other two were not immediately identified.

According to Israeli police, the youth were throwing rocks at the police and torching tires in the street to block the police vehicles.

Clashes were reported in different areas of Silwan, especially in the area around al-Ein and al-Bustan, where Israeli authorities handed demolition orders for at least 88 Palestinian homes for the building of a Jewish park. A member of Committee for the Defense of Silwan said a number of residents suffered multiple injuries due to heavy use of stun grenades and tear gas thrown at houses.