The Research and Documentation Unit at the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights (JCSER) reported that Israeli soldiers and policemen have kidnapped more than 80 Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem since the beginning of this year.The center said that Israel is escalating its violations and attacks against children and youths in Jerusalem by kidnapping them, attacking them and enforcing house arrests.

The Research Unit said that the army and police recently kidnapped nine children from the district of Silwan, and violently attacked and tortured them.
It also stated that the children are tortured during interrogation and, when released, they are forced under house arrest.

The center added that out of the 80 kidnapped and detained children, 40 are from Silwan.

All kidnapped children were interrogated in a number of police stations in Jerusalem and were accused of hurling stones at Israeli soldiers, policemen, and under-cover units of the Israeli army.

Most of them were severely tortured and were violently beaten by the arresting soldiers and officers.

The Center also said that Israeli settlers and settlement guards also participated in the arrests, the transfer to detention center and even the interrogation of the detained children.

In related news, the Israeli Authorities handed on Sunday February 27th, a military order to the residents of al-Omaraa’ residential tower in Beit Hanina in occupied East Jerusalem, informing them that the residential tower will be demolished.

The JCSER reported that the 22 families living in the residential tower were granted ten days to appeal the decision.