It’s not strange for Israeli soldiers to invade a neighborhood for the sole purpose of investigating identity cards of young in the occupied territories; the strange thing is to enter neighborhoods in order to eat ‘Knafeh’. On Wednesday, several Israeli military jeeps entered Tulkarem camps and stopped several guys asking for their ID cards then left the city.

This scene was repeated Thursday morning when three patrols entered Tulkarem, stopped by a local university and picked some university students, placing them into military jeeps before asked them too many questions about their lives then left the place.

Such invasions and behaviors are acts that soldiers always conduct when invading a Palestinian area. The unusual behavior which brought every attention was when they invaded Tulkarem this morning, surrounded a neighborhood, then entered to a shop and eat ‘Knafeh’ (an Arab sweet made of very fine vermicelli-like pastry).

This was not the first time soldiers conduct such a behavior. They also did that on April, 5th, 2009, when several soldiers entered a coffee shop in the city and ordered hookah then left the place.