The Ma’an News Agency reports that settlers shot and injured three Palestinians in As-sawiya vilage near Nablus.

Dozens of residents of the Yash Adam outpost allegedly attacked the village on Monday. The three Palestinians were injured after settlers opened fire on them. Ambulances could not reach the scene because the settlers blocked approaching roads.

Yash Adam is illegal in Israeli law. There has been a recent surge in settler violence, particularly around Nablus, since the Israeli government demolished structures in an illegal outpost. Since 2008 many extremist settlers have adopted a ‘price-tag’ policy whereby Palestinians are made to ‘pay a price’ for every attempt by the Israeli government to rein-in outpost and settlement expansion.

The price-tag generally involves vandalism and damage to property, although more recently an increasing number have been violent. Last week hardline settlers organized a ‘day of rage’ in protest against government moves to dismantle a small number of outposts. Under international law all settlements are illegal, although the United States has recently vetoed a security council resolution reaffirming this.