Israeli soldiers broke on Wednesday morning into a tower that belongs to the National Cellular Phone Company in Jenin, attacked and detained the guard forcing him to remove his shirt before detaining him at the guards’ room for more than two hours. The guard, Amir Ghawadra, 25, from Beer Al Basha village near Jenin, stated that approximately at eleven on Wednesday morning, three army jeeps surrounded the area and broke into the tower.

The soldiers then examined his identity card and forced him to remove his shirt before attacking him.

“I tried to defend myself, and they started to violently push me around”, Ghawadra stated “They then locked me in the guard room for more than two hours”.

He added that the commanding officer warned him not to move and not to get near any windows or doors, and that the officer told him that he will be beaten and have his bones broken should he disobey their commands.

Ghawadra further stated that the soldiers and their commanding officer were apparently insulting him in Hebrew while shouting and kicking him, but he could not understand what they were saying.

During the attack, dozens of soldiers were deployed in the surrounding area and conducted military searches, no arrests were made.

Ghawadra was released later, on and the soldiers withdrew from the area.