Hundreds of children in the Gaza Strip participated in a Tuesday event organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Sports and Education – The General Administration of Children’s Affairs, demanding the international community to provide them with the needed protection against the ongoing Israeli violations. The children started their procession at the Al Saraya Street in the center of Gaza City, and marched towards the Legislative Council building.

They carried Palestinian flags and posters demanding their rights to a healthy childhood and protection from physical and psychological harm.

Deputy head of the Legislative Council, Dr, Ahmad Bahar, demanded the international community and the United Nations to protect the children in Gaza and to act on halting the Israeli attacks and violations against the coastal region.

Minister of Culture and Sports, Mohammad Al Madhoun, called for providing the children with a secure life, far away from death, fear and destruction.
Al Madhoun said that the ministry put in place several programs and activities that are meant to help the children deal with the stress caused by the Israeli violations.

He said that the international community must stop the Israeli attacks and its usage of internally banned weapons, and slammed that latest Israeli escalation against the Gaza Strip.

Several children performed different songs, and asked the world to provide them with protection and security.

They also commemorated the children of Al Hilo family who were killed last month after the army bombarded a playground east of Gaza City.

On Tuesday evening, four Palestinians, including two children and a pregnant woman, were injured after the Israeli army bombarded several areas in Gaza.