Israeli soldiers invaded on Thursday morning the Aqaba village, east of the central West Bank city of Tubas, declared it as a closed military zone, demolished two homes bulldozers internal roads.Sami Sadeq, head of the Al Aqaba village council, stated that several roads close to the entrance of the village, and in its center, were bulldozed before the army demolished two homes.

The demolished homes belong to Mohammad Hasan Sbeih and Abdul-Nasser Ahmad Sbeih.

Sadeq added that %95 of the buildings in the village are under the threat of being demolished by the army. This includes the only mosque of the village, and kindergarten and several homes and structures.

The army bulldozed the eastern entrance of the village and removed electricity poles, and also bulldozed As-Salam Street, and a street that leads to a housing project west of the village.

At least six military bulldozers demolished the two homes while hundreds of soldiers were deployed in different parts of the village, local sources reported.