The Israeli prosecution intends to close an investigation that was initiated to reveal the circumstances that led to the death of four Palestinian civilians, including a three-year –old child, after Israeli soldiers opened fire at them during the Gaza War despite the fact that they carried white flags. Israeli paper, Haaretz, said that the investigation is considered the largest of its kind and included listening to testimonies of 140 soldiers and Palestinian witnesses.

The incident took place on January, 5, 2009, in Al Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza city after Israel started the ground assault on Gaza following a week of aerial strikes and artillery bombardment.

On that day, the second phase of Operation Cast Lead, the family in question was among dozens of victims.

But in this specific incident, residents Mohammad Hijazi, Mahmoud Hijazi, Hashad Hijzai (the three-year-old child), and Ola Arafat were shot dead by Israeli soldiers despite carrying white flags, and nine residents, including a 7-month-old child, were wounded.

According to the Haaretz, the investigation will be closed in the coming few days due to “the lack of evidence that the soldiers violated open-fire orders”.

1419 Palestinians, including children, women and elderly, were killed during the three-week war on Gaza, and thousands were wounded. 13 Israelis, including 9 soldiers (4 killed by friendly fire), were killed during the war.