The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center reported that Israeli soldiers violated a ruling issued by the Israeli High Court, and demolished six tin-houses and barns that belong to Bedouin residents living in Al Nwei’ma area, near the Jericho City.The Center sent an urgent letter to the Israeli Prosecution, the Legal Councilor and the High Court demanding them to stop the violation.

The Center added that the Israeli army recently demolished several tin-houses and barns in the same area, also in direct violation to a ruling issued by the High Court earlier this year.

The Court ordered a delay of the demolishing of the structures but the army demolished barns and tin-houses anyway, without even obtaining the approval of the so-called Civil Administration Office.

Residents of Al Nwei’ma area received the demolish orders just before the end of last year and during the first days of this year. They granted The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center power of attorney, and the center managed to obtain a temporary order against the demolitions, and against removing the residents from the area.

Al Nwei’ma is a Bedouin area inhibited by members of the Al Zayed family, part of Al Rashayda Tribe. They are natives to Ein Gedi area before they were forced out, and lived in several areas, especially in Dir Dibwan.

After the creation of Israel in historic Palestine in 1948, the tribe was removed once again after the army declared the area as a closed military zone. They had to relocate to the Rammoun area.

In 1998, the tribe had to relocate to the Al Nwei’ma area due to its close proximity to Jericho as they managed to receive limited civil services. The tribe depends on raising live-stock as the only source of livelihood.