Israeli sources reported that the Police arrested in recent weeks four Arab lawyers from the north of the country on suspicion that they delivered messages from detained Islamic Jihad detainees to the movement’s representatives in the Gaza Strip and the other way around.The Arabs48 News Website reported that charges were filed at the Jerusalem Central Court against attorney Suheir Ayyoub, 42, from Akka, for allegedly “providing services to an illegal organization”. She remains in custody as the prosecution prepares to file charges against her.

Three other lawyers were also arrested but were released later on after receiving orders restricting their movements.

The Israeli Radio reported that the three lawyers are from Um Al Fahim city, and that they are still under investigation but no indictments were filed against them yet.

The Prosecution claims that the lawyers received funds from a group that is connected to the Islamic Jihad, and that documents were found in their homes indicating contact with the Islamic Jihad.

Several months ago, Attorney Ayyoub was allegedly approached by an Islamic Jihad member in the Gaza Strip, who asked her to deliver information to and from Islamic Jihad detainees.

The Prosecution also claims after Ayyoub agreed to do the task, she managed to meet the detainees after presenting herself as their lawyer, and received NIS 400-800 from the Islamic Jihad each time she met with the detainees.