A group of armed extremist Israeli settlers hurled, on Wednesday at dawn, Molotov cocktails at several Palestinian stores in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, causing fire in four stores, leading to excessive damage, and massive losses.The Palestine Information Center reported that the attack was carried out in the Kazazeen Market in the old city of Hebron.

The stores belong to residents Mohammad Al Shalloudi, Atta Al Shweiki, Sha’ban Hashlamon and Abdulhamid Al Natsha.

Palestinian firefighters rushed to the scene but were blocked by Israeli soldiers who claimed that the area is a closed military zone, the Center said.

An owner of one of the torched stores said that the settlers are escalating their attacks against the Palestinian people, their property and land in an attempt to scare them out of their country.

The settlers tried to offer large sums to store owners to sell their stores and leave the city, and threatened to use force against them should they elect to stay.

“This is our land, our soul and heart”, the resident said, “Even if they kill us, we will not leave, we will remain steadfast in our homeland”.