The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported on Friday evening that four Palestinian political prisoners were injured after the Dror Unit of the Israeli Military, broke into section 10 of the Eshil prison compound where 114 detainees are being held. The PPS said that the four wounded detainees suffered concussions and bruises.

During the raid, soldiers violently struck the detainees with batons and threatened to use live ammunition.

The detainees decided to file a complaint to the Israeli High Court in order to investigate into the attack, and the repeated attacks carried out by the military.

They decided to return all meals, and held the Israeli Prison Administration (IPS) responsible for the latest escalation.

The detainees also demanded to be allowed to view what surveillance systems and soldiers cameras captured during the clashes.

The IPS rejected the demands of the detainees, and instead, decided to place two detainees, identified as Ahmad Ash-Shweiky and Tamer Al Reemawi in solitary confinement.

The detainees returned their meals after declaring a hunger strike in protest to the ongoing violations.

Furthermore, detainees at the Asqalan (Ashkelon) prison also held a hunger strike on Friday in solidarity with the detainees in Eshil Prison.