Israeli soldiers sealed late on Monday at night the entrances of Nabi Saleh village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, after closing its two main gates and installing roadblocks on minor roads leading to the village. Eyewitnesses reported that dozens of soldiers invaded the village and clashes with local youths who hurled stones at them.

They added that armored military bulldozers were seen parked near the main entrance of the village, an issue that caused concern to the residents as the army intends to demolish more than ten homes.

Several months ago, owners of the ten homes in question received military orders informing them that the army intends to demolish their homes under the pretext of being constructed without permits.

The village s receive their construction permits from the local civil authorities run the Palestinian Authority.

On Sunday at night, soldiers sealed the entrance of the village for several hours.

The local Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, one of dozens of nonviolent committee in the occupied West Bank, said that the army is targeting the village for its legitimate nonviolent resistance, and is practicing collective punishment against the residents.