The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip announced on Wednesday morning that a resident convicted of collaborating with the Israeli occupation was executed..The Ministry said that resident (A Sh) lost his appeals against ruling, and the sentences was carried out “after the resident was granted all rights protected by the law”.

The execution was carried out after the dissolved Hamas-led government in Gaza approved a ruling regarding executing all convicted collaborators.

Resident A Sh, who was executed Wednesday, was sentenced to death by a firing squad. The ruling was made on April 19, 2011.

Last year, the Ministry announced that three convicted collaborators were executed. Several executions were carried out following the end of Israel’s three-week war on Gaza on December, 27, 2008.

Human Rights groups in Palestine, including the leading Palestinian Center for Human Rights, have repeatedly called for abolishing the death penalty in Palestine.

Executions carried out in recent years by the Hamas-led government in Gaza come in violation of the Palestinian law itself as it states that the president must sign any execution ruling before it can be carried out.

Due to years of Hamas-Fateh conflict in Gaza and the West Bank, such verdicts never made it to the office of Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and the executions were carried out without his approval.