Palestinian political sources told the Maan News Agency that the Fateh and Hamas movements agreed that the current President, Mahmoud Abbas, will be holding the position of Prime Minister it the new unity government.The sources stated that Hamas leader, current Prime Minister of the Hamas-led government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyya, or an independent figure proposed by Hamas, in addition to Dr. Salaam Fayyad, will be vice presidents.

Hamas based its approval to this arrangement on the fact that both vice presidents must have the same level of power.

The agreement was made in an attempt to ensure international financial support to the Palestinian Authority does not cease as Fayyad and Abbas enjoy good relations with the United States and Europe.

According to Maan, Lieutenant Hazim Atallah, chief of the Police in the West Bank, will be tasked with reconstructing the police force in Gaza under Arab, mainly Egyptian, supervision, and will also enjoy the powers of the Minister of Interior until presidential and legislative elections are held in Palestine.

Fateh and Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza will also be releasing political prisoners detained during the conflict between the two movements.

Meanwhile, Hamas leader, Salah Bardaweel, stated that Hamas and Fateh delegates will be heading to Gaza next week to agree on the means to implement the unity and reconciliation agreement.

He said that special committees will be formed to agree on the names of the new ministers who will be running the temporary government.

Bardaweel stated that reports regarding naming the Prime Minister or any new ministers are only speculations adding that no official agreement has been reached on the issue.

The Hamas leader said that a special committee will be formed to deal with the security file, and will be in charge of forming a higher security committee, and that a legal committee will choose the judges who will be in charge of forming election courts.

Bardaweel further stated that there is an Arab, Egyptian and Islamic support to the unity agreement and that all Palestinian factions, along with Turkey and the Arab Gulf Council, are determined to ensure the success of the deal.