Former Minister of Detainees, Hamas political leader, Wasfy Qabha, demanded the Palestinian Authority (P.A) in the West Bank to release all political prisoners, and to stop the arrests and interrogation of political activists.Qabha said that these arrests and interrogations have no moral, religious or political justifications.

“It makes no sense to have political arrests, even before achieving unity”, he added, “this situation causes shame and sadness, such campaigns must stop”.

The Hamas leader also stated that political arrests only serve foreign agendas, and that the Palestinian people are a nation of freedom fighters and generosity.

“I hope that there is no stream within the Fateh movement that targets the unity agreement”, he said, “I fear that there are external pressures on certain security officials in the West Bank to act on foiling the unity deal.”

He also said that political prisoners in the Jneid prison sent several letters stressing on the importance of releasing all political prisoners.

Commenting on political arrests carried out by the Hamas movement in Gaza, Qabha said; “as far as I know, there are no political prisoners in the Gaza Strip”, and that if the security forces in Gaza are holding political prisoners, then they should release them immediately.

He added that several members of the Legislative Council in the West Bank have looked into the issue of political arrests, and found out that political leaders have not issued clear orders to stop political arrests.

“This issue indicates the lack of seriousness and follow-up”, Qabha stated, “What is happening must be ended fast”.