On Friday, Israeli soldiers prevented university lecturer, Dr. Farid Abu Dheir, from traveling to Jordan as he was trying to cross the Allenby bridge to be with his son who has surgery scheduled at a Jordanian hospital. Abu Dheir teaches at the Al Najah University in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.Abu Dheir managed to obtain all needed documents and permits from the Israeli side, but as he entered the crossing, he was detained and questioned for two hours before he was ordered back home.

He slammed the Israeli violation, adding that it violates the International Law and the freedom of movement.

Abu Dheir further stated that Israel has been preventing him for leaving the country since five years now, and that this issue made him miss several international conferences and prevented, him from seeing family members living abroad.

He called on different human rights groups to intervene and expose the illegal Israeli practices.

On Friday at dawn, Israeli soldiers kidnapped Palestinian researcher and author, Firas Salah Ed Deen Jaber, 30, after breaking into and violently searching his home in Kufur Aqeb village, between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

He was cuffed and blindfolded before he was moved to the Al Makobiyya Interrogation center in Jerusalem.

Jaber, born in Jerusalem, works as a researcher at the Bissan Center; he wrote several books including “The Privatization of Palestine”, and “The Effects of Conflicts on Palestinian Women”. He recently received his M.A Degree from the Bir Zeit University, near Ramallah.