Israeli soldiers detained on Saturday evening five several Palestinians, including women and children, and kidnapped an international peace activist near Safa village, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. The residents were working in their farmlands before extremist settlers of the Bait Ayin illegal settlement attacked them and uprooted olive trees and vineyard.

Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and, instead of removing the settlers, detained more than twenty Palestinians, including women and children, and an international activist, under the pretext that they entered a closed military zone.

The claimed military zone is the agricultural lands owned by the residents.

Human Rights Activist, Mohammad Awad, stated that three army vehicles arrived at the scene while the settlers were uprooting the farmlands but did not attempt to stop the settlers.

Awad added that soldiers detained Majd Ismail Ghadi, 17, Eyad Khalil Zaaqeeq, 35, Imar Hani Aadi, 18, Hatim Khalil Abu Dayya, 38, Yousef Abdul-Hamid Abu Mariyyaa, 37. The international activist remained in detention.