Instructions sent to Israeli embassies around the world have outlined the diplomatic and media strategy combating Palestinian attempts to declare statehood at the UN in September, according to Haaretz. Israeli Foreign Minister Rafael Barak has sent out classified cables demanding embassies submit detailed plans for combating international recognition of a Palestinian state in September to be submitted for June 10th. All foreign diplomats, according to the cables, are to cancel planned holidays for September as part of the initiative.

According to Barak, the goal “is to have the maximum number of countries oppose the process of having the UN recognize a Palestinian state,’

Individual country plans will be based around a central theme that any action at the UN is designed to delegitimize the state of Israel. The plans will include high level diplomatic meetings, extensive articles and programming in national media and mobilising local Jewish communities for support.

The plan aims to separate countries into three groups; those unlikely to support the Palestinian bid such as Germany and Italy, those undecided such as many of the East Bloc countries and those likely to support the bid such as Ireland, Sweden and Portugal. All states however will be extensively lobbied irrespective of their expected vote in September.

While the plan is likely to have the support of the majority of UN members, due especially to the block vote of the 118 members of the Non Aligned Movement, it will not succeed in enrolling Palestine as a UN member state if the US veto it in the security council, as is its stated attention.

The PA has denied that the planned bid for statehood is designed to isolate or delegitimize Israel within the international community. Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas has stated that the PA will return to negotiations with Israel after any declaration of statehood.