Fatah have complained that one of its officials in Gaza, Abu A’itah, was detained in Gaza by Hamas security forces, according to Maan.
Fatah officials have complained that the detention of Abu A’itah by Hamas makes Fatah’s effort to rebuild the party in Gaza impossible. The party also complains that it breaks the spirit of the recent unity deal between the two rival parties and puts it in jeopardy.

Under a unity deal signed by Fatah and Hamas in April both parties were to desist from arresting opposing party activists. Additionally, both sides agreed to mutually release each other’s political prisoners.

Hamas has complained that its activists in the West Bank continue to be extensively targeted for arrest by Fatah and PA security forces.

The two rival parties clashed in 2007 after a unity government collapsed. Violent clashes left Hamas in control of the Gaza strip while Fatah remained in charge of the Palestinian Authority and the West Bank.