25 Palestinian political prisoners in the Al Ramla Israeli detention facility are facing imminent death due to illegal Israeli policies that deprive the detainees from their right to medical treatment. The sick detainees are at the Al Ramla prison hospital, a small medical facility that lacks basic medications and medical equipment, and are facing serious health complications.

One of the detainees, identified as Abdul-Salaam Bani Odeh from Tammoun village, is currently in a declining health condition, and is not receiving the medical treatment he needs.

Detainee Mohammad Suleiman from Aroura town suffers from Anemia and requires urgent attention.

Detainee Ahmad Al Najjar from Silwad town suffers from throat cancer and urgently needs access to specialized medical care.

Also, detainees Mansour Moqada from Salfit, Khaled Al Shaweesh from Jenin and Ashraf Abu Therei’ from Doura, are all paralyzed, and need medical attention and rehabilitation.

The health condition of detainee Akram Al Reehawi has witnessed a sharp decline as he suffers from cancer, while detainee Nahedh Al Aqra’ from Gaza lost his right leg.

The health condition of detainee Ahmad Samara, suffering from cancer, is also gradually declining.

Detainee Mohammad Abu Al Rob from Jenin is suffering from psychological complications, and needs urgent intervention.

More than 200 Palestinians died in Israeli prisons due to the illegal Israeli policies of medical negligence since Israel occupied the rest of Palestine in 1967. Several Palestinians were shot and killed by the arresting soldiers and officers.