The Israeli human rights organization for the freedom of movement, Gisha, have been fined 25,000 NIS (7,250 USD) in legal fees as part of ruling against a case brought by the organization petitioning for freedom of movement for Muslim Palestinians to travel to Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.
Gisha, the Israeli legal center for the freedom of movement, have had an unprecedented 25,000 NIS fine imposed on the organization by the Beer Shiva District Court on Monday as part of a ruling against a case brought forward by the organization.

The case presented by the organization petitioned the Beer Shiva District Court to demand freedom of movement from Gaza for a group of Muslim women seeking to travel to Al Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem from the Israeli Minister of Interior, and the relevant Israeli military official’s.

The group claimed that the Muslim women were being discriminated against given Israel’s permission for Gaza’s Christian population to travel for worship purposes.

Gisha have appealed for deferment of payment for the fine which they claim is designed as a means of discouraging human rights organizations from taking similar cases in future. The group claims that it is unusual for public petitioners to be made pay legal fees and that in such cases the fine is usually low.