The Palestinian Census Bureau reported that nearly half of the Palestinians in the occupied territories are internally displaced refugees, and that, since its creation in Palestine in 1948, Israel forcibly removed two-thirds of the Arab population.Marking the World Refugee Day on Monday, the Bureau stated that %43.4 of the Palestinians in Palestine are internally displaced refugees.

In 1948, nearly 957.000 Palestinians were removed and fled from their cities and villages due to the creation of Israel in the historic land of Palestine. This figure resembles nearly %66 of the total population back then, according to United Nations estimates in 1950.

The Bureau stated that %29.7 of the population in the West Bank, and %67.3 of the population in Gaza are refugees.

By mid-2010, the number of refugees registered by the UNRWA arrived to 4.8 Million. %41.6 of the total population in Jordan are Palestinian refugees, %8.9 in Lebanon and %9.9 in Syria.

Refugee camps in the Palestinian territories are the poorest among the total population as at least %32.1 of the refugees are below poverty levels.

Poverty rates in Gaza stands now at %38 comparing to %25.8 in the West Bank, according to data presented by the Bureau.

%41.3 of the refugees in Palestine are, and %41.8 of the total refugee popular, are children below the age of 15.

The figures in the report do not include millions of refugees living in refugee camps in the Arab World, and in different countries around the globe.

in 2010, Illiteracy rates among the refugee population (ages 15 and older) were reduced to %4.8 while %10.9 of the refugees obtained at least a B.A. degree. %5.2 of the non-refugee population are illiterate. %10 of the non-refugee population have at least a B.A degree.

%44.9 of the refugees ages 6 and up go to school comparing to %43.8 among the non-refugee population.

%38.7 of the refugee population (ages 15 and older) are part of the work force comparing to %42.6 among the non-refugee population.