The decentralised hacker group ‘Anonomous’ have declared the next target of their Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDOS) to be the Israeli Knesset. The group, which are an anonymous collection of decentralised Internet hackers, have announced July 28th as the date for their planned attack on the Israeli Knesset web site code named ‘Operation Intifada’. As per previous DDOS attacks the Israeli Knesset web site would be targeted by multiple servers in an attempt to flood the sites capacity and cause it to crash.

The act will be the latest of a series of mass Internet ‘hacktivist’ attacks on government and private institutions that have become popular in recent years.

Earlier this year Anonomous targeted companies seen to be supporting a clampdown on the Wikileaks web site (responsible for publishing leaked government documents). Action has also been taken against several government web sites in support of Arab Spring and other human rights and anti censorship movements.

Israel announced in May the establishment of a task force to combat future attempts at cyber attack by foreign countries and individuals especially targeting its defence systems. Israel is itself accused of using cyber warfare to target Iranian nuclear infrastructure in a bid to prevent the Islamic Republic from gaining nuclear technology.