A controversial gas pipeline in Nagah, the Bir Abdu region, has been blown up for the third time since February on Monday, July 4, 2011. The pipeline that connected gas to Jordan and Israel has been closed down as a result of the explosion. The two previous explosions occurred on April 27 and February 5. In February, Bedouin Tribesmen targeted the pipeline with explosives. In April, disguised men with machine guns planted the explosives on the controversial pipeline.

Those guarding the pipeline said that men with machine guns forced them to leave. The guard said the explosion happened in the same way the two previous explosions occurred. There was also a failed attempt to blow up the pipeline in March.

Forty-percent of the gas imported to Israel comes from Egypt. Similarly, eighty-percent of the gas imported to Jordan comes from Egypt. In December, twenty-year contracts were signed between Israel and Egypt. The current Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf is asking for the contracts to be reviewed to ensure maximum revenue.

The corrupt gas deals between Egypt with Jordan and Israel has been taken to the courts several times. In 2010, the case was taken to the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court for “secretive clauses” and for being carried out without “parliamentary consultation.” The court ruled in favor of an injunction on the deal, which was ignored by Mubarak’s regime.

Al Jazeera stated that Egypt was at one time selling gas to Jordan at half the market price.