Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Tuesday at dawn a Hamas political leader in Jaba’ town, near the northern Western Bank city of Jenin, along with two other residents, and took them to unknown destinations. Three more Palestinians were kidnapped in different West Bank areas.Local sources reported that, approximately at 1 after midnight, the army surrounded the house of Nazeeh Abu ‘Oun, 50, and used loud speakers ordering him to step out.

The army then broke into the home and cuffed Abu ‘Oun before forcing him into one of their jeeps and driving away.

His family said that the soldiers did not even grant him enough time to step out, and that he previously spent more than 14 years in Israeli prisons. He was also imprisoned for two month by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

The family added that soldiers also forced their son to take them to the house of Ahmad Nimir Malaisha, 37, who was also kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination.

Malaisha is a former political prisoner who spent more than 13 years in Israeli prisons; he was last released nearly one year ago.

Also, soldiers kidnapped Engineer Bashar Anis Khaliliyya, 29, as he was visiting his parent’s home in the town.

Khaliliyya works in Saudi Arabia and was on vacation visiting his family. He was planning to travel back to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

Also on Tuesday at dawn, soldiers kidnapped three Palestinians in the West Bank districts of Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron. They were all moved to interrogation centers.