Fifty pro-Palestinian activists refused to leave the terminal at the Charles De Gaulle airport after being denied to board the plane headed to Israel on July 8, 2011.Activists have refused to leave the Charles De Gaulle airport until Lufthansa airline issues them a signed document stating they were denied boarding access for
flights headed to Israel.

Olivia Zeymour, a French activist and leader of the EuroPalestine Organization, told an Israeli Radio that,’Charles de Gaulle Airport is under Israeli occupation. We are peaceful people and have no interest in causing disorder at Ben Gurion Airport.’

Three hundred and forty activists have been “blacklisted” by the Israeli Ministry in order to prevent them from boarding place headed to Ben Gurion Airport.

The interior ministry warned foreign airlines that if they allowed these “pro-Palestinian radicals” to board their plane headed to Israel “would result in a delay on the flight and their return on the same flight.”

The Israeli interior ministry told foreign carriers that they must comply with Israeli law to prevent the activists from boarding the flights headed to Israel in accordance to
the Law of Entry to Israel 1952.