The last witness testified Sunday in an Israeli court case seeking justice for slain peace activist Rachel Corrie. Col. Pinhas (Pinky) Zuaretz claimed that Rachel’s death was her own fault for ‘running towards the fire’.The 23-year old Evergreen State College student was killed in 2003 when she was run over by a US-made Caterpillar bulldozer driven by an Israeli soldier.

At the time she was killed, Rachel was standing in front of a Palestinian family’s home with other activists, in a non-violent action meant to stop the Israeli military from demolishing the home.

In 2005, the parents of Rachel Corrie filed a lawsuit in Israeli court calling for a full investigation and justice for their daughter.

Although the last witness was heard yesterday, the judge is not expected to issue a ruling until April of next year.

According to Cindy and Craig Corrie, the parents of Rachel Corrie, there was video evidence recorded by the Israeli military that was released in part to media organizations after her death, but was not presented in the trial.

They say the video evidence proved their claim that the commanders in the region knew that the peace activists were present at the demolition site, and ordered the bulldozer drivers to continue with the operation.

Col. Pinhas (Pinky) Zuaretz, and other state witnesses, ignored the evidence in their testimony by claiming that the death of Rachel Corrie was ‘an accident’.