Maan news agency has reported pre dawn raids of the West Bank village of Husan near Bethlehem. Two youths, including a minor, were detained during the raid by Israeli military forces.

Two abducted youths Montaser Mohammed Za’ul, 20, and Ahmed Ali Hamamra, 15,were detained on Tuesday morning due to “criminal matters” according to Israeli military sources.

The PA Minister for Detainee Affairs stated on Saturday that over 30 youths had been arrested between June and July from the village. Many of the youths, according to PA lawyer Hussein Ash-Sheikh, complain of harsh interrogation techniques, including beatings, and claim they are forced to sign legal documents in Hebrew and without consulting a lawyer.

Husan village is dominated by Israeli settlement Betar Illit. In 1978 the village numbered 7,134 dunams. Since the establishment of Betar Illit and land expropriations by the Israeli Defense Forces, the town has been reduced to 1,425 dunams.