Twenty-five hundred Jewish Americans and Canadians are expected to immigrate to Israel this summer of 2011. The immigrants will be residing in areas with a largely Palestinian population, as part of an initiative to change the demographics of these areas.Two hundred and forty-five immigrants are expected to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport Tuesday July 12, 2011, Nefesh B’nefesh organization told Maan News Network.

Applicants for the program may qualify for up to 9,000 dollars in financial assistance as well as 4,000 dollars for a vehicle subsidy.

The immigrants will be settling in Northern parts of Israel, in the Golan Heights, lower and upper Galilee, the Jezreel Valley and the Upper Jordan Valley.

The “Go North” initiative received a 10 million dollar donation from the Russell Berrie Foundation, the Jewish National Fund, and other programs designed to aid newly arrived Aliyah immigrants.

The newly arrived Olim will meet with the Go North Employment Coordinator every month for the first year, in order to ease the transition of immigration.