The British Authorities decided to release Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in the 1948 territories, on bail after being detained for two weeks. His lawyer demanded his release pending the deportation case against him, the Press TV reported.He was on a speaking tour to highlight the plight and the suffering of the Palestinian people, especially in occupied East Jerusalem, and the threats the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem faces due to Israeli violations.

Following his arrest, British right-wing sponsored press lobbied against Sheikh Salah uttering unfounded accusation against him, describing him an “anti-Semite”, and a “supporter of terrorism”.

His lawyers said that he has been detained, pending a deportation case against him, under false allegations, and that he poses no security risk to the country.

The state prosecution claimed that Sheikh Salah should have never been allowed into the country, arguing that his presence “is not conducive to the public interest in the country”, and that his release “would legitimize his views”.

The judge, and after eight hours of deliberations, ruled that all allegations against Sheikh Salah have not be proven, ruling that his detention is unlawful, and ordered his release on 50.000 pounds bail, but also ordered him under media blackout, electronic tag and a curfew, the Press TV reported.

Salah will be released on Monday pending a deportation hearing, but the restrictions imposed by the court will keep him away from the media and any public event, an issue that was seen by his supporters as an attempt to silence him, and to hinder his liberty.

One of the peace activists, protesting in front of the court, said that “Sheikh Salah is being detained without any evidence against him”, while the British Parliament is “trying to change the law, to protect war-crimes suspects, such as Tzipi Livni (the former Israeli Foreign Minister) from facing justice if they traveled to this country”.