Public endorsements from Norway and Syria are the most recent gains in the Palestinian pursuit of statehood recognition through the UN, while Israel claims lobbying efforts are slowing its momentum.Syria has officially recognized a Palestinian state, effective immediately. Norway has affirmed the legitimacy of the plan to take Palestinian statehood to the UN. Both countries have elevated the rank of Palestinian Authority diplomats in their countries.

The Syrian recognition of the pre-1967 borders might have implications for its recognition of Israel. The two countries are still formally at war.

Israel claims that its extensive lobbying has diminished international support for the Palestinian bid. An affirmative vote in the General Assembly still seems likely, but Israel believes it has garnered crucial political support from Western countries.

The U.S., Italy, Israel, and Germany have given the most vocal opposition to the UN vote. The U.S. has stated it will veto the resolution in the Security Council. As a result, any resolution passed in the General Assembly would be symbolic and not legally binding.

The EU is divided over the move and the Arab League has endorsed the Palestinian plan.

The Palestinian Authority has stated willingness to drop the bid if a substantial peace process were to begin. The diplomatic Quartet on the Middle East, the US, EU, Russia, and the UN, has been unable to release a joint statement on the peace process.

The bid for UN recognition of a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital continues to move forward.