Israeli troops detained, kidnapped two Palestinians from the village of Al-Walaja near Bethlehem Tuesday morning. Shireen al-Araj and another local youth were kidnapped when they, together with a number of villagers and international peace activists attempted to stop Israeli bulldozers from uprooting olive trees in the village to build the wall.

Al-Araj was released few hours later, but no news about the whereabouts of the other youth yet.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli troops prevented the media to cover the incident and used violence to force everyone away from the area including a Mexican delegation, including parliamentarians who came in solidarity with the villagers of Al-Walaja.

The villagers say there is an olive tree that is near 3000 years old and they are concerned that Israeli bulldozers will uproot it because it is on the planned route of the wall.

In addition to the problem that will be created by the wall, the villagers in Al-Walaja are facing home demolition orders for many houses by the Israeli military. The residents usually rebuild the demolished homes, and Israel demolish them again in most of the cases.