The Miles of Smiles 4 humanitarian convoy will be heading to the Gaza Strip in the coming few days carrying medical and humanitarian supplies to the besieged residents on the coastal region.Convoy organizers stated that they are holding talks with the Egyptian Authorities regarding the number of participants, the aid and the program that includes there anticipated entry date to Gaza and how long the activists intend to stay there.

The Miles of Smiles 3 managed to enter the Gaza Strip on June 19, 2001, following successful entries of Miles of Smiles 1 and 2.

Despite the Israeli claims of easing the siege and allowing essential supplies into Gaza, the Gaza Strip is still facing sharp shortages of medical supplies and medications, milk formulas for children, and other basic equipment.

On Sunday, a 33-year-old heart patient died at a hospital in the Gaza strip after Israel refused to grant him a permit to leave the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in the West Bank.

Over 300 patients have died since the siege began due to a lack of essential medical equipment, and having been denied exit passes by the Israeli government to receive treatment outside of Gaza.