Israeli soldiers, stationed along the Annexation Wall surrounding Qotna village, near Jerusalem, were behind the latest fire that consumed Palestinian trees in Khallit Al Rabee’ area, in Qotna Ashraf Shamasna, head of the Public Relations Office at the village council, stated that the soldiers hurled several gas bombs at a local home close to an orchard, and that the gas bombs led to fires around the home, consuming several citrus trees.

As some women and children, who were at home when the attack took place, tried to extinguish the fire, Israeli troops pointed their guns at them and hurled another gas bomb, forcing them away.

Shamasna stated that this is the fourth week in a row that the soldiers cause fires in the area and that the latest attack against ancient Roman Olive trees that were set ablaze in Ein Namous area.

The affected families voiced an appeal to human rights groups and all related authorities and organizations to intervene as they fire consume their only sources of livelihood and posed threats to their lives several times before.