Egyptian Authorities prevented 450 people from entering Egypt through the Rafah border crossing with Gaza on Sunday, despite the recent opening of the crossing. Meanwhile, Gaza authorities have decided to allow vehicles to be brought in from Egypt for commercial sale.The Egyptian action at Rafah is likely connected to the security situation in Egypt. Violence in the Sinai has increased recently, with violent conflicts in Rafah among other locations.

The denial is not permanent, and officials say individuals who were blocked will be given priority on Monday. Also, those crossing for educational purposes or in need of medical care will have priority this week as well.

The crossing was re-opened in May, but Egyptian authorities have been tightly controlling the number of individuals allowed to pass through each day.

In other news, the minister of transportation in Gaza announced a decision to allow vehicles in from Egypt. The decision is part of an effort to reduce vehicle prices in the Gaza Strip.

The illegal Israeli blockade dramatically reduced the number of vehicles brought into Gaza, causing prices to double.