The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) reported that, in July, Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians, kidnapped 230 others, and demolished 32 homes and structures in the occupied territories. Israel is also planning a new settlement in occupied East Jerusalem.The PLO said that Israeli soldiers and settlers are ongoing with their attacks and violations in the occupied territories, and that the soldiers shot and killed six Palestinians, demolished 32 homes and structures, in addition to kidnapping 230 Palestinians in numerous invasions into the occupied territories.

The International Relations Department at the PLO stated in its monthly reported that was released on Wednesday, that Israel is targeting the residents, their lands and their Muslim and Christian holy sites.

It added that the Israeli government is working an approving a new settlement project in Abu Ghneim (Har Homa) illegal settlement. The 97 Million USD project, dubbed as Oz Tzuffim, includes 97 units and the related infrastructure.

The department also stated that the so-called “Construction and Planning Committee” of the Jerusalem Municipality approved the “Tolerance Museum” that will be built on the Ma’man Allah historic Islamic graveyard in occupied Jerusalem.

The recent approval came despite the fact the Israeli Authorities has been digging the graveyard and desecrating the graves since many years, the department added.

Also, the Israeli Ministerial Legislation Committee of the Knesset modified the ‘law of Public Parks’ in order to allow the El Ad extremist settler organization to takeover public parks in Silwan Palestinian town, in occupied East Jerusalem.

In related news, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan revealed that Israel is constructing a new tunnel under Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, and that the tunnel heads towards the southern wall on the Al Aqsa Mosque.

In the Gaza Strip, Israel continued its siege and violations, and carried out repeated airstrikes that caused excessive damage to four buildings and several homes. Several Palestinians were killed and injured as the army also bombarded siege-busting tunnels in Gaza.