In a watershed ruling on Tuesday, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the government to dismantle the illegal outpost of Migron by April 2012.The court issued the ruling in response to a petition from Peace Now. It issued the order, criticizing the state for failing to act on previous commitments to dismantle the outpost.

The Israeli government had previously admitted that the outpost had been built on private Palestinian lands and was illegal under Israeli law. It never took any action, however, and the outpost has continued to grow.

This is the first time the Supreme Court has ordered the state to dismantle an outpost in the West Bank. The ruling is expected to create significant controversy and political fallout.

Migron is an illegal Israeli outpost consisting of 50 families living in the West Bank. It is the largest outpost in the West Bank.

Israeli outposts in the West Bank are illegal under both Israeli and International law.