A young Egyptian man managed, on Sunday at dawn, to climb 15 floors on a high building where the Israeli embassy is located in Cairo, to remove the Israeli flag from the embassy balcony and replace it with the Egyptian flag.The youth, Ahmad al Shahhat, stated that he managed to find his way through Egyptian security personnel surrounding the building, and gradually climbed the building. The Egyptian officers could not stop him, and he managed to reach the embassy balcony before he removed the Israeli flag.

The flag was torn into pieces as he was removing it, and some of the protestors set it ablaze after its pieces fell to the ground.

Thousands of Egyptians are still protesting in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

The protests started after Israeli soldiers killed on Thursday five Egyptian border police officers across the border with Egypt in Eilat.

The Egyptian government decided to recall its ambassador to Tel Aviv pending an Israeli apology for its statements regarding what was described as “hasty accusations made by Israeli leaders following the Eilat attack”, when gunmen attacked an Israeli bus carrying off-duty Israeli soldiers in the coastal city of Eilat, in addition to an empty buss and a vehicle, killing eight soldiers and wounding 30.

It added that an Israeli expression of regret regarding the killing of the Egyptian officers in not enough.

Israel launched several Air Strikes against the Gaza Strip killing 15 Palestinians, including children, in 24 hours, and injuring at least 40 others. Two senior fighters were also among the dead.

Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza fired nearly 37 shells and several Grad missiles into Israel since Thursday leading to the injury of 13 Israelis, including four who suffered serious wounds.

Israeli sources reported on Saturday evening that at least one Israeli was killed and four others were seriously injured when fighters in Gaza fired rockets into Beersheba, south of the country.

The Hamas movement in Gaza stated that the truce with Israel is over, and held the Israeli government responsible for the escalation, Al Jazeera reported.

The Al Qassam Brigades of Hamas, announced Saturday evening that it fired several Grad missiles into Israel signaling the end of this truce.

In related news, Egyptian ambassador in Israel, and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated that Egypt is conducting efforts to restore calm between Israel and the Gaza Strip, and called on Israel to stop its military escalation.