Israeli Policemen and members of the so-called Border Guard Units, closed on Sunday night after midnight the Bas Al Amoud area, one of the main gates of Jerusalem, while more than 1500 Palestinian youths continue their protest in the Al Aqsa mosque in Old Jerusalem.The army claimed that the closure was enforced after an Israeli soldier was stabbed during a night protest that took off from Bab Al Amoud marching towards Salah Ed Deen Street. The protesters were marching in condemnation of the Israeli escalation and assault against the Gaza Strip.

Israeli policemen kidnapped several youths, and violently attacked Palestinian medics in the area. The kidnapped youths were moved to the Al Maskobiyya interrogation center, west of Jerusalem.

The protesters who marched from Bab Al Amoud walked through the streets of the Old City and chanted slogans against the Israeli escalation on Gaza. Hundreds of soldiers and policemen invaded the area, broke into and searched dozens of homes; damage was reported.

Furthermore, several Israeli policemen placed ladders on walls surrounding the Al Aqsa mosque and conducted provocative acts amongst the worshipers and the protesters leading to further tension in the area.