The President of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, stated Thursday that his country officially recognizes Palestine as an independent and sovereign state, and that it supports the efforts of the Arab League to upgrade the Palestinian UN status into a full membership.Most of UN member countries have already officially recognized the Palestinian State, The move needs the approval of the Security Council, yet, Israel and the United States are opposing it, while the US is waving its Veto power to topple the plan.

The Palestinian UN move also received the support of the Arab League in May.
Funes stated that he hopes the UN move would be approved, and would lead to boosting peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

He added that El Salvador supports Israel’s right to live and peace and in secured borders, next to the Palestinian State.

Despite U.S and Israeli rejection and lobbying against the UN move, nearly 120 countries have officially recognized the Palestinian State.

The Palestinian Authority’s current UN status is “observer”, while the Palestinian leadership stated that it will head to the UN in September to seek a sovereign state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital.

Israel and the US claim that statehood should only be achieved through direct Palestinian-Israel negotiations; yet, Israel continues its attacks and illegal activities, such as the ongoing construction and expansion of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine.

The P.A also had to quit talks with Israel due to its ongoing violations, invasions and assassinations.