The Islamic Jihad Movement in the Gaza Strip reported that a new mediated understanding was reached between Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza, on one hand, and Israel on the other, to declare a truce starting Friday. The understanding was reached after two days of extensive Israeli bombing targeting Gaza leading to the death of eleven Palestinians, including children, in the Gaza Strip; dozens were wounded. Resistance groups also fired dozens of shells into adjacent Israeli towns.

Nafeth Azzam, a political leader of the Islamic Jihad, stated that the truce started at 1 after midnight on Friday, and that Egypt played an important role in reaching the indirect deal, and is playing an important role in maintaining it.

The Palestinian government led by the Hamas movement in Gaza, called on all factions to abide by the truce in order to prevent Israel from using the situation for further escalation in order to shift the public opinion from its internal crises.

Taher Al Nunu, spokesperson of the Palestinian government in Gaza, stated that his government contacted Egypt and the United Nations, and informed them on the latest Israeli military escalation.