The Miles of Smiles 5, and the Africa 1, solidarity convoys managed to enter the Gaza Strip on Monday evening via the Rafah Border Terminal with Egypt. The Miles of Smiles 5 convoy carries the name “Martyrs of the Borders” referring to Egyptian border policemen who were recently gunned down by the Israeli army following the Eilat shooting.

Both Africa 1 and Miles of Smiles 5 entered the Palestinian side of the Rafah Terminal on Monday after Evening prayers.

They received an official welcome ceremony and are expected to remain in Gaza after the holy Fitir Muslim feast.

Miles Of Smiles 5 Convoy, Enters Sinai
Tue, 30 Aug 2011 01:14:05

The Miles of Smiles 5 solidarity convoy, heading to the besieged Gaza Strip to deliver medical and humanitarian supplies, entered Monday North Sinai District in Egypt heading to the border with the Gaza Strip hoping to be allowed through.

The convoy, named the Martyrs of the Border, referring to the Egyptian soldiers who were recently killed by Israeli army fire on the border with Eilat, carries approximately 100 Arab and International human rights activists, in addition to urgently needed medical and humanitarian supplies.

They are hoping to enter Gaza before the Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitir that marks the end of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

Dr. Issam Yousef, coordinator of the Miles of Smiles 4 that managed to enter Gaza, stated that preparations are ongoing to send two more convoys to Gaza in the next three months.

Although Israel claimed easing the five-year old deadly siege on Gaza, urgently needed medications, medical equipment and essential supplies are still missing in Gaza.