Israel sources reported that the Israeli Authorities interrogated four activists who were onboard the Irish and the Canadian ships (Freedom Waves) that were intercepted by the army, on Friday, while on their way to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip.The four activists were interrogated and questioned by the Immigration Department.

The sources added that all activists will be deported out of the country at a later stage. 27 activists were onboard the two ships ships.

The Israeli army reported that the ships were searched but “no weapons or combat materials were found”.

The search was conducted after the Israeli Navy towed the two ships to the Ashdod Port.

Israeli sources reported that the army confirmed it will always intercept all ships heading to Gaza “with the intention to break the blockade on the coastal region”.

Despite Israeli claims of easing the siege on Gaza, many urgently needed supplies, especially medications and medical equipment, cannot be found in Gaza.