The Israeli Navy arrested, on Thursday at dawn, three Palestinian fishermen, from the same family, west of the Fishermen Port, in Gaza. Head of the Palestinian Committee for Fishing and Maritime Sports in the Gaza, Mahfouth Kabarity, reported that the Navy detained the three fishermen while they were in the three miles allotted by Israel to the Palestinian fishermen.

There whereabouts and condition remains unknown until the time of this report.

The three were identified as Arafat Lutfi Bakr, 29, Mohammad Wisam Bakr, 17, and Abdul-Qader Wael Bakr, 17.

Israel repeatedly carried out attacks against Palestinian fishermen leading to dozens of casualties.

Last week, the Navy detained two Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip while fishing near Gaza shore.

Nizar Ayesh, head of the Palestinian fishermen trade union told Quds Press that an Israeli navy boat opened fire at a Palestinian fishing boats forcing them to stop, before kidnapping them

Ayesh added that Israeli assaults against Palestinian fishermen happens almost on daily basis, which causes a serious problem for fishermen who depend on fishing for their daily income.

There are around 3500 Palestinian fishermen officially registered in the Gaza Strip.

In 2006, Israel reduced the area where Palestinians fishermen are allow to fish to only three nautical miles.