Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stated, during a speech on the 7th anniversary of the death of President Yasser Arafat and the 23rd anniversary of his declaration of independence, that the Palestinian Authority does not want a clash with the United States, but wants a balanced American role regarding the implementation of international resolutions, and Israel’s settlement activities, the Palestine News and Info Agency, WAFA, reported.“We do not want or seek a clash with the United States. Despite its strong ties with Israel, it also provides essential and considerable support to the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian Authority,” Abbas said. “We understand the importance of the U.S. role in any serious peace talks, all what we seek is for the U.S. role to be balanced and for the U.S. to be an impartial mediator.”

The Palestinian President further stated that the P.A. maintains contact with the American President, Barack Obama, and his administration, and seeks a two-state solution based on the boundaries of the 1967 as stated in all related international resolutions.

Abbas added that Israeli violations against the Palestinian people are ongoing, adding that Israel continues to flaunt international resolutions and permanent agreements.

“We do not want to list all of Israel’s violations, but just two weeks ago, they withheld our tax money just because we achieved UNESCO membership. There are dozens, even hundreds of proofs of Israel’s violations”, Abbas said.

He further stated that the Palestinian people and their leaders will not abandon their legitimate rights, and will not surrender to the occupation.

“We have a just cause, we know how to defend our cause, using peaceful means and nonviolent protests, which are also attended by Israeli and international peace activists,” Abbas stated. “I call on all leaders and officials to participate in these nonviolent protests, as they are legitimate under International Law.”

As for the Palestinian application for full United Nations membership, Abbas said “We asked the Security Council to grant us full membership, this is a right guaranteed by all international laws and regulations, despite all obstacles, we are determined to achieve our legitimate rights.”

Abbas also said that the Palestinian leadership is discussing all future options to achieve independence, and is committed to peace that is based on justice, on the Palestinian right to establish an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“We are also determined to achieve comprehensive Palestinian reconciliation, on November 25, I will be meeting with Khaled Mashal, head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement,” the Palestinian President said. “We are extending our hand for peace; peace based on justice. We believe that we can achieve peace through talks, but we do not want endless talks, running in endless circles, without any real outcome.”

“We seek peace, we demand peace, we will continue to cooperate with international efforts to achieve this goal,” Abbas added. “We will not accept transitional, temporary solutions, including a Palestinian state with provisional borders.”

Commenting on the Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli prisons and detention camps, Abbas stated that the Palestinian leadership will not sign any permanent peace agreement with Israel unless it includes the release of all detainees, without exceptions.

As for the Arab Spring, Abbas stated that the “Palestinian leadership observes all revolutions in the Arab world, but does not interfere or make any statements besides the fact that we want what the people want.”

“We will not say anything else,” the president concluded. “For the sake of our people, it is not in our interest to say anything more.”