25 Palestinians were injured on Sunday at the Ofer Military Prison as Israeli soldiers fired tear gas bombs and rubber bullets at the families of Palestinian prisoners, freed on the second Shalit-swap deal, the Maan News Agency reported Sunday afternoon. The Maan correspondent reported that the Israeli soldiers intensively fired rubber bullets and tear gas bombs towards Palestinians at the Ofer Military Prison, leading to the injury of 25 Palestinians.

The Al-Quds Satellite News Network correspondent, Linda Shalash, was injured during the clashes after the Israeli soldier fired a stun grenade directly towards her. She was transferred to the hospital.

A plenty of families of Palestinian prisoners, freed in the second Shalit-swap deal, gathered on Sunday afternoon at the gate of the Ofer Military Prison, but the Israeli soldiers asked them through loudspeakers to evacuate the area. The soldiers, then, fired tear gas bombs and rubber bullets. They, moreover, used the new technology of weapon called “The Yelp” against gathered Palestinians.

Several Palestinian young people threw stones at the Israeli soldiers in the wake of Israeli violence action.

It is worth mentioning that the Hamas Movement and Israel have struck a prisoner swap deal includes the release of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit,in exchange of some 1167 Palestinian prisoners, more than 500 of whom are sentenced long-term life sentences.

The deal is divided into two parts in which Hamas released the Israeli soldier and Israel released about 500 Palestinian long-term sentence prisoners two months ago.

The second part of the deal, done on Sunday Dec 18th 2011, that Israel released more than 500 Palestinian prisoners after two months from the first part of the deal.

The second part of the agreement did not include any of Hamas affiliates’ prisoners, and most of the freed prisoners have few days or months left to end their terms at jail and some have already finished their terms.

The Israeli soldier, Gillad Shalit, was kidnapped by the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas Movement in June 2006 as the Palestinian military groups carried out a military operation against the Karam Abu Salem military compound which led to the killing of three Palestinian fighters, three Israeli soldiers and the abduction of an Israeli soldier.