At least two Israeli Members of the Knesset (Parliament) have admitted to having divulged information about the Israeli military’s tactics and movements to right-wing settlers, at a time when the settler movement has been increasing its number and frequency of attacks.In recent weeks, Israeli settlers associated with the right-wing ‘pricetag’ movement (aimed at making Palestinians ‘pay a price’ for every threatened removal of an illegal outpost by the Israeli government) have increased their attacks on both the Palestinian population of the West Bank and the Israeli military force occupying the West Bank.

Now, right-wing legislators in Israel have openly stated their support for the right-wing settlers, admitting to having provided them with information that may have been used in the attacks on the military bases and personnel.

Uri Ariel with the National Union party admitted last week to leaking information, and on Sunday coalition chairman and member of the Likud party Ze’ev Elkin also admitted to leaking information to the settlers.

The admission came on the same day that five right-wing Israeli settlers were charged by Jerusalem’s District Prosecutor with illegally tracking the movements of the army in order to target commanders and bases for attacks.

No charges have been filed against the two legislators, and none are planned.