Israeli Peace Now Movement issued a report revealing that its Settlement Watch Project shows that 2011 witnessed a record increase in Israeli settlement construction and expansion activities in the West Bank, and in occupied East Jerusalem.“The past years highlighted dangerous trends on the ground in the West Bank, which may end up torpedoing a two-state solution: an Israeli government intention to legalize illegal outposts and thus transform them into full-fledged settlements, and building in sensitive locations such as E-1, Efrat, and Givat Hamatos, which would deny contiguity for a future Palestinian state”, Peace Now said.

The movement said that, last year, Israel started the construction of at least 1850 settlement units in the occupied territories.

The Settlement Watch Project of Peace Now indicated that 2011 “was a record world in settlement construction in the West Bank”, adding that the past years witnessed dangerous trends that may torpedo the two-state solution”.

It also slammed the Israeli government for its in tensions to legalize illegal settlement outposts and transform them into full settlements, and for building settlements in sensitive areas, such as in E-1, Efrat, and Givat Hamotos, an issue that would deny any contiguity for a future Palestinian state.

Link to Peace Now Report
Torpedoing the Two State Solution: Summary of 2011 in the Settlements